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OJRG (Orthodox Jewish Research Group) Logo Brand Design Logo Design Share: About this work This logo embodies a team of researchers committed to uncovering insights and solutions for today’s pressing issues. The logo created by our designer Larken Salise Create the logo that combines the letters “O” and “J” (for Orthodox Jewish) into an arrow, […]

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HUAFENG Logo Design

HEAFENG Logo Design Logo Design Share: About this work Huafeng is a global shipping company dedicated to delivering comprehensive shipping services worldwide. When crafting HUAFENG’s logo, we skillfully merged the letters ‘H’ and ‘F,’ as featured in their previous logo, and enhanced it with a captivating blend of blue and rich golden-orange hues. Logo Design

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Lucky’s Home Company Profile

Lucky’s Home Business Profile Brochure Design Business Portfolio Design Graphic Design Share: About this work Lucky’s Home is a company specializing in the sale of prefabricated container shelters. They excel in customizing prefabrication to precisely meet the unique requirements of our clients. In this document, we have crafted a business profile that truly embodies our

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Sales agents distribute flyers and company profile handouts.

Company Profile Design: It’s Importance

Company Profile Design: It’s Importance In today’s highly competitive business landscape, making a strong and lasting impression is paramount. Your company profile is often the first touchpoint potential clients, partners, and investors have with your organization. A well-designed company profile not only captures attention but also communicates your brand’s identity and values effectively. In this

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Koniko Logo Animation

Koniko Logo Animation https://www.ravmktg.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/koniko-logo-animation.mp4 Animation Logo Animation Share: About this work “Kinoko” is our client, a startup company based in Bukidnon, Philippines. We had the opportunity to create an animated logo for Kinoko. Since it is a software company, we infused a tech-inspired motion into the animation. Animation Logo Animation

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